Is this the end of the #VampireDiaries?

As Ian Somerhalder  was interviewed by MTV recently, it has been stated that he mentioned “the last hurrah” of The Vampire Diaries. we don’t however know whether it’s true or not or just a prank for the fans, but we’ll soon find out if we find anymore information on this matter. 

We have also a capture of the interview below. Click the pictures to watch the video! 


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Isn’t this cute? (Ian on Instagram) *Puppy eyes*

Update: Ian Somerhalder at the NOAH premiere!

Take a look of this image of Ian at the NOAH premiere in NYC!

He genuinely seemed thrilled about the opportunity and posted updates to his official twitter account throughout the evening. “Getting out of car for the Noah Premier-so stoked to be here!!!!!” he revealed with great enthusiasm. He followed that tweet up with, “Cold night in NY- LOVE this place ;) .” Later on, right before the screening itself, Ian praised the the director’s creative vision and talent. “Watching Darren Aronofsky give his speech and introduce his cast before Noah starts- so cool. Very surreal… Love this man,” Ian shared.