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A video surfaced online showing Ian Somerhalder turning down fans for pics in Paris, bringing at least one of them to tears and many of his fans weren’t happy about it.

In the clip, Ian can be seen telling fans he loved them, but wanted privacy. “I love you guys. I’m not taking a single photo today. It’s my day,” he told the group as he left a building with wife Nikki Reed.

“Don’t follow us, please. I love you guys. Do not follow us. Okay? It’s too much. It’s too much.”

A young woman asked him for “just one” photo, and he refused, saying, “it’s not just one,” which caused her to cry.

Many of them bashed him on social media after the video spread across the internet like wildfire.

Because of the backlash, Ian posted a response to fans on Instagram this past weekend:

Looking at the world through my eyes and always trying to see it through yours. I see you. I see all of you and find great beauty in each set of eyes. Anyone who knows me understands that I spend a great deal of my life with our fans. Our audience. The people that make this show and ISF happen- all with hearts, minds bodies and souls. It blows my mind that a man who tried to love so much, a man asking for one day, just one day to have a quiet walk down the street is so upsetting to people. So much love to you all… Goodnight and thank you.





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[su_note note_color=”#821e30″ text_color=”#ffffff”]IAN SOMERHALDER and Nikki Reed are reported to have tied the knot yesterday after photographs of their wedding ceremony emerged on Twitter.

Twilight actress Nikki, 26 – who was previously married to singer-songwriter Paul McDonald – can be seen in a stunning long-sleeved lace gown while Ian, 36, donned a white suit and shirt.

The former Lost actor – who previously dated his co-star Nina Dobrev – appeared to confirm the news by taking to his Twitter account to gush about the big day, which is thought to have taken place in his hometown in Louisiana.

He wrote: “most beautiful morning ever… (sic)”


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[su_label type=”important”]LOVE LIFE SCOOP:[/su_label]

Wedding bells?: Nikki Reed is rumoured to be engaged to Ian Somerhalder after less than six months of dating. The happy couple are pictured on Sunday at a Golden Globes afterparty

Rumored that Nikki is Engaged to Ian?

Nikki said “she wears the ring on her right hand because they want to keep it quiet now.”

Sparkling: Nikki has been wearing two diamond bands on her right ring finger for the past month

Sparkling: Nikki has been wearing two diamond bands on her right ring finger for the past month

Engagement and wedding rings are traditionally worn on the left hand in the USA. The 26-year-old, who lives with Ian, has been wearing two diamond bands on her right ring finger for the past month. 

A representative for Somerhalder declined to comment to MailOnline. Reed’s rep did not respond to a request for comment.

In Touch’s source also alleged that the may be planning to tie the knot this summer. ‘They mentioned a June [wedding] date,’ the insider claimed to the magazine. ‘They’re really excited.’

TMZ revealed earlier this month that Nikki’s divorce from Paul McDonald had been finalized.

The actress announced in March that they were separated and had been living apart for six months, and filed for divorce in May.

Nikki married the American Idol alum in October 2011 after meeting him seven months earlier. 

The stunning brunette began dating 36-year-old Ian in July, over a year after he split from co-star and girlfriend of three years Nina Dobrev. 


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Nina Dobrev Suffers Ian Somerhalder's Petty Revenge: Nikki Reed Dating Designed to Hurt Nina, Not Help The Vampire Diaries

Ian and Nikki Reed.

The Vampire Diaires star Ian Somerhalder and Twilight Nikki Reed are showing their PDA and proclaiming undying love on every available platform of social media which is excessive even for a famewhore like Ian. At this point, it’s just getting obnoxious, and also… a little bit strange? When Ian first started dating Nina Dobrev, they both played it very close to the vest and refused to go public until several months into their relationship. But with Ian and Nikki, it’s like explosions of PDA and tweeting Twitter and Instagram messages, and basically every method that Ian can use to let the world know that he’s dating Nikki Reed.

At this rate, how much longer can Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed really last? They’re heading towards an implosion sooner rather than later, especially if this constant gushing keeps up speed. In fact, you know who they remind me of? Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in the early stages of their relationship – and we all know how that turned out, don’t we? Now, I wouldn’t put Nikki and Ian anywhere on their level just yet, but it’s getting there.

Plus, this excessive show of love could burn the relationship out real fast, and then Ian and Nina will be right back to where it started. There’ll be some awkward tension between them, they’ll avoid bumping into each other on the set of The Vampire Diaries, and then they’ll give in to their unresolved feelings and get back together – at least until Nina Dobrev dumps him again.

Right now, Ian and Nikki basically have all the feel of a revenge rebound, but without any of the lasting impact. The more they try to convince us of their live, the less I am actually convinced. Don’t you agree?

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As confirmed by close friend of Nina Dobrev, Nina and Ian have officially split. Should make TVD s5 interesting, since the former couple will be playing onscreen lovers.

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