Screenshot from Ian of 6×01

“Wow, it’s started! This is a screen shot, I’ll probably get in trouble for it;) from the 1st episode. Hmmm, who am I talking to??? Here I am, doing some post production work on Season 6 of The Vampire Diaries with our INCREDIBLE post-production team. The post production team on this show is second to none- they, like our crew are the unsung heroes of the stories on screen that get seen by you! If anything please thank these amazing people and show them some love! Thank you! Love, Ian” (Via Twitter)

“Move On” Promo of The Vampire Diaries of Season 6!

What do you do when tragedy strikes and you lose your closest friends? What do you do when you can’t seek refuge in your childhood home due to a “humans only” barrier that surrounds your town? According to Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder), you suck it up and “move on,” but it’s easier said than done. And according to the new Vampire Diaries Season 6 preview trailer, each of character is handling his/her grief in a different way.

First up we have Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) who refuses to face the harsh reality that The Other Side is gone for good and, with it, Damon and Bonnie (allegedly). We hear her tearfully thank Damon for giving her everything she’s ever wanted: an all-consuming love, adventure, and passion! However, she wants it to last forever, and she’s so desperate to numb her pain and continue conversing with her love that she actually turns Luke (Chris Brochu) — the witch who’s pretty much to blame for Damon getting stuck on The Other Side in the first place — for a temporary magical solution.

As for Stefan (Paul Wesley), he too is mourning the loss of his brother — but on his own and far away from Mystic Falls. He has a job, a beautiful girlfriend, and a fresh outlook on life. He even learns from past mistakes and tells his current paramour his deepest, darkest secret: that he’s a creature of the night. (Ironically, he opens his soul to her in a sunlit room so of course she laughs it off as though it’s the world’s funniest joke.) As he attempts to start anew, the last thing he needs is false hope. “Damon is gone,” he reminds Elena over the phone. “You need to say goodbye to him.”

As for the rest of our faves, they’re busy picking up the pieces of their shattered lives. Matt (Zach Roerig), finally feeling safe in his “humans only” hometown, joins a combat/law enforcement squad and trains with them during the day. Alaric (Matt Davis) has his work cut out for him as he adjusts to being alive again — this time as a vampire and college professor. An angry, hybrid-less Tyler (Michael Trevino) pours all his pent-up aggression into push-up reps and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) drops by Bonnie’s memorial site to drink and wallow in his sadness. And as for Caroline (Candice Accola)? As usual, Little Miss Sunshine is the glue that holds everyone together; she remains optimistic as tries to reunite the gang and fix everyone’s problems (i.e. putting an end to Elena’s munchies).

That said, grab a box of tissues, hit the play button on the video above, and brace yourselves for some emotional overload. Then hit the comments let us know which storyline you’re most looking forward to in TVD Season 6!


Is this the end of the #VampireDiaries?

As Ian Somerhalder  was interviewed by MTV recently, it has been stated that he mentioned “the last hurrah” of The Vampire Diaries. we don’t however know whether it’s true or not or just a prank for the fans, but we’ll soon find out if we find anymore information on this matter. 

We have also a capture of the interview below. Click the pictures to watch the video!