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'The Downward Spiral' Scoop! #6x16

Is Nikki Reed Engaged to Ian?


Wedding bells?: Nikki Reed is rumoured to be engaged to Ian Somerhalder after less than six months of dating. The happy couple are pictured on Sunday at a Golden Globes afterparty

Rumored that Nikki is Engaged to Ian?

Nikki said “she wears the ring on her right hand because they want to keep it quiet now.”

Sparkling: Nikki has been wearing two diamond bands on her right ring finger for the past month

Sparkling: Nikki has been wearing two diamond bands on her right ring finger for the past month

Engagement and wedding rings are traditionally worn on the left hand in the USA. The 26-year-old, who lives with Ian, has been wearing two diamond bands on her right ring finger for the past month. 

A representative for Somerhalder declined to comment to MailOnline. Reed’s rep did not respond to a request for comment.

In Touch’s source also alleged that the may be planning to tie the knot this summer. ‘They mentioned a June [wedding] date,’ the insider claimed to the magazine. ‘They’re really excited.’

TMZ revealed earlier this month that Nikki’s divorce from Paul McDonald had been finalized.

The actress announced in March that they were separated and had been living apart for six months, and filed for divorce in May.

Nikki married the American Idol alum in October 2011 after meeting him seven months earlier. 

The stunning brunette began dating 36-year-old Ian in July, over a year after he split from co-star and girlfriend of three years Nina Dobrev. 


NEW PROMO ALERT: TVD Season 6: Episode 11 “Woke Up With A Monster”

Enzo versus Stefan in The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 11 promo

Stefan with Enzo’s big hair competing!

We don’t know about you but the TVD mid-season finale left us with so many burning questions: Will Enzo kill Matt? Will Bonnie ever escape the May 1994 prison world? Why did Kai abduct Elena and what does he plan on doing to her? Also, will the real Sarah Salvatore please stand up? Thankfully many of these will be answered in The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 11!


And we’re not exaggerating when we say that the Paul Wesley-directed installment is packed with loads of tension and supernatural drama. For starters, we’re finally going to meet the niece Stefan has been tending to from afar; he even attends her photography show by the looks of it in the CW’s preview trailer! (Do note we’re just assuming that’s her because she kind of resembles Monique. Also, Stefan keeps looking at her in a way that indicates she’s our national treasure.) There’s only one problem: Enzo, who once again managed to avoid a narrow brush with death in Tripp’s murder van, actually follows him to his great grand-niece’s campus.



Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 10 Promo: “Christmas Through Your Eyes”


Mmm! Do you smell all the delicious holiday spirit permeating through the air? Egg nog and holly and candy cane dreams…oh my! And there just so happens to be a sprig of mistletoe conveniently hanging over the Salvatore Boarding House doorway? How perfect! Unfortunately all the beautiful traditions and Mystic Falls flashbacks featuring Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline as a trio of ordinary giddy schoolgirls (who, by the way, are blissfully unaware that their lives will soon be torn asunder by good-looking bloodsuckers) will be marred by three things: a. Stefan delivering devastating news to Care Bear, b. Enzo forcing Matt to help him “deplete every ounce of happiness from Stefan’s life, and c. Kai continuing his messy ritual of killing “friends” and family members during annual celebrations.

If Malachi Parker hasn’t already been placed on Santa’s naughty list, his behavior in The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 10 certainly will earn him a prime spot. According to the extended preview trailer, Kai not only stabs his own sister Jo inside a dingy crypt and then tries to siphon Liv’s magic (again), but he also targets Elena and knocks her out with a crowbar. Honestly, he needs to take a chill pill, kick his feet up, and indulge in a gourmet hot chocolate beverage — you know, in place of MURDER AND TORTURE.

What else is going on in Mystic Falls? Well, a handful of characters appear to be lingering at the local hospital so that’s a pretty alarming sign. Not only that, but they have tears in their eyes and are hugging it out hardcore which can only mean one thing: One of our precious endangered species – humans! — is in mortal danger.  Ay yi yi. Let’s just hope Enzo kept his neck-snapping hands off the “blond bowl of mush known as Matt Donovan.” Oh, and to add salt to injury, Bonnie is spending Christmas alone. Something about a winter holiday in May just doesn’t seem fun. Poor girl. #BringBonBonHome!

Anyway, enough of our semi-freaking out. Catch all the misery and near fatal attacks in the official promo video for “Christmas Through Your Eyes” below! Then drop us a comment telling us what you’d love to put in Kai’s stocking this year.